Some information about the project from Michal

At three o’clock we met a very funny polish guy that our guide for tour of Fort IV. His name was Wojtek and he explained us a lot of things about fort, it’s history, military and tactical use, how soldiers lived here and it was very interesting for many participants. After the tour we were discussing project agenda, plan for the upcoming days, talked about some organizational things.
After the serious stuff we did reflection about all day and we have noticed that everyone was happy with the first day. Also we had meeting of leaders where we discussed complaints of participants, requests and opinions.
In the evening we had optional activity that was a game where we were sharing our real hobbies and the point was to describe other participants hobby as it would be mine.

Projekt 2017-3-PL01-KA105-047023 „Follow me” został sfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Programu „Erasmus+”

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