Some words from Zita and Zsuzsi after the project

Although for some of us this was not the first exchange we can all agree that thanks to this project we have gained many new experiences. The workshop about discrimination was enlightening, we had a really great discussion, and got to know about the situation in other countries. We absolutely enjoyed the energizers and learned how to work as a team, even though most of us have never met. What the most surprising is, that we have never imagined, that we can make forever lasting bonds with people from different countries and cultures. Throughout the programs, we managed to get to know each other on a deeper level. Thanks to the collective programmes, many new friendships were settled. Although every beginning is difficult, at the and we were like a big, loving family There were much smiling, laughter, but also seriousness. We always felt connected even when we were separated into teams. The programs and the energizers were all different that is why they were so enjoyable. If any of us hadn’t been there, this exchange wouldn’t have been the same. When someone was not there with the team, we immediately felt his/her absence, because every person was the different part of the puzzle. We were absolutely amazed by Poland, Polish people and of course the wonderful Polish cuisine. Our team was full of complex people with vivid personalities. We always cheered each other up, but when we sad goodbye, we could not help, but feel sadness. We had many expectations about this exchange, and it definitely lived up to all of the expectations. We genuinely want to say a huge thank you to all the participants because they were accepting, caring and friendly. And we feel great gratitude towards all the organizers, especially our amazing guide, Marta.

Zita and Zsuzsi, Hungary


Projekt 2018-2-PL01-KA105-051342 „Active is attractive” został sfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Programu „Erasmus+”


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