Couple of words for a „Good bye” from Claudia and Leslie

Ok Darlings,
first some words of gratitude from my side, Now that I´m driving home alone in this rusty old train, I have enough time to collect all my thoughts into one little bundle and see what my favourite moments spend with you were. As I already said before, I believe all of them were equally important to have created the outcome we have today. I can repeat myself, but that doesn´t make any sense. I´d rather just KISS and say Thank You! for being you, having spend time with me, having created new memories and thinking out loud and sharing your beautiful thoughts and creative minds with me. I hope (and know) I will see some of you sometime again, some sooner than the others. And I also hope I will stay in touch with you, ever need a person to talk to or a place to stay in Poland, you can be sure that my doors are open for you.

PS. Here is the video from team nr 4 that is unprofessionally made and just as a hobby but I hope you will enjoy Claudia


Instagram: broek.c

And the movie from Leslie : MOVIE FROM THE EXCHANGE BY LESLIE

Thank you to all of you – Hope we will meet again

Projekt 2018-2-FR02-KA105-014602 „L.E.A.D.” został sfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Programu „Erasmus+” Patron projektu: Agence du service civique


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