Situation of women in 13 countries & powerful women from the history

Today was a pretty intense day. We analysed the results of the surveys conducted in our countries. 50 locals from each of the project country were surveyed before the training course in order to get information about woman position in the society and its reflection in the media (the survey included questions related to women rights in the society, feminism, sexism etc). The results reflected the situation in 13 countries. Everybody had something to say as some of the results were shocking. Nevertheless, the representatives of different nations tried to make us understand the reasons and consequences of the reality in their communities. Many views were exchanged and many information highlighted. We believe that due to this session we were able to get a clear view on feminism issues in Europe and not only. I think for most of us it was interesting to hear how developed the women right are in Tunisia.

Here is the presentation with survey results:      Feminism, the new f-word

Check it out!


Creating a movie about an important woman from the history

How did you like this activity?

Klaudia: “ My group presented queen Tamara from the history of Georgia. I haven’t heard about her before so for me this activity was a nice history lesson. Also, we found another good example of a powerful women from the past.”

Radoslav: ‘It was a great fun. We actually leant by doing. Maria Skłodowska-Curie is a woman who achieved a lot and it was an honour to learn more from her biography.”

How about the method that was used?

Klaudia: “Creating a movie was quite a challenge for my group. We had to decide on the woman we want to present, decide about the roles and act. I am sure I will use movie making method with the youngsters I work with. Cause it is not only about the movie in itself but it’s about the whole work in the background that needs to be done. It is a nice challenge for young leaders that can check their skills during this activity.”

Radoslav: “ As I said it was really interactive activity. We learnt by doing which was kind of nice cause we did not focus on the learning process so much but we learnt a lot anyway!”


Projekt 2018-2-PL01-KA105-051345 „Feminism, the new F-word?” został sfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Programu „Erasmus+”

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