It took me time to define myself as a Feminist. I had those prejudices and pictures of this girl yelling for her rights by willing to step on the men with the song “Run the Word – Girl” as an Anthem.
But one day I understood my mistake. We have something similar in France with our National flag. For few years now, the right wing has taken our Flag as their symbol. And nowadays, raising our flag tend to mean agreeing with their ideas. That’s crazy. The flag is ours. I want to raise it thinking of the roots of our values. Thinking of the revolution – the human rights – thinking of a country of migration and so much more. Those racist ideas have nothing to do with it.
Exactly the same way – those extremist women do not and cannot represent the Feminism movement itself.
I am Feminist – which means – I want and act for the Equally of genders. I want for an equal work an equal salary. I want the same opportunities than the men. I want the society to accept men being sensible as the women might be but as well strong as the men are apparently known to be.

The world is wide and for sure there is still lots of work to do. But I’m ready to put the sleeves on and get to work. And I know I’m not the only one.

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