Experimental Learning for youth workers

From 17 January to 24 January 2018 , a training course on the topic ” Experimental Learning for youth workers , funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + program is held. Participants are young people, leaders and youth workers representing non-governmental organizations from Macedonia , Bulgaria , Romania , Latvia , Poland and Denmark . During the training course , the young people participated in different workshops and gained knowledge in the field of formal and non-formal learning , the process of experimental learning ,intercultural cultural learning and dialogue , human rights and entrepreneurship as part of the learning experience , sharing good practices and learning by doing . The participants had the opportunity to talk with local people about their human rights issues through a workshop . In addition to this project knowledge, the participants learn more about different cultures of all participating countries, their traditions, customs, national dances and their languages . The participants were accommodated in the RAD hotel, where most of the activities took place in the training hall. The organizer of the project is Active youth Denmark supported by the National Agency from Denmark

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