Scenarios ready!

In the afternoon, day 5 we started with learning dances. We learnt two new ones: Hungarian Ordog Utja, and Turkish Halay. In our repertoire we chose the best way to considered this in our show. We have slow and fast dances. We are starting with fast Belgijka from Poland, after that we are clapping on our hands in Turkish Halay, in Romanian Brasoveanca we danced in pairs from slower to faster. In Hungarian Ordog Utja we made a lot of noise by feet, and in Lithuanian Oyra we had a really great time with screaming and doing some mistakes with steps (like in other dances too!) We made mistakes in dances but we really enjoyed this time, and helped each other to improve our performance, enjoying this in the same time. We used our imagination, English and different languages to put in scenes the ideas we had about communism and EU, stereotypes, racism and migration. We took a roles of actors , soung engineers, with wrote lines and signs on papers. We dressed differently, trying to get in the skin of character, feel to express the emotion. We were spited in four teams, and each team created the scenario and sign roles for each member according what everyone felt to be good in that. So everyone enjoyed, that they are acting, to make it better each time and great ideas came during the rehearsal. Everyone in the audience gave the suggestions and we were opened to their opinions. It taught us to be open minded for positive critics. After that we had a evaluation, where everybody shared theirs feelings about the project: great time work, and their feelings: cooperation, team work, a great time, making new friends, learning about inclusion, stereotypes, acceptance, not being afraid about making mistakes because we are only human, and everyone as the same, and removed stereotypes about people from other countries, making great „me”.


Projekt 2019-1-PL01-KA105-063864 „Act for inclusion” został sfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Programu „Erasmus+”

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