No stress

Today we were watching a special material from TedTalks. We learnt how to deal with stress, how to prepare ourselves to public performances, and thing that really important is first minute. We have to talk short, simple and about topic, not about something else. The another movie showed us that love has no labels for example:race or sex. All of us can love anyone we wants. Then we had a break with mixture of snacks from Poland, Romania and Hungary it is great and delicious way to know better another countries.After break we were blinking to each other in another energizer. Later we were working in teams to get to know how to manage stress better. We prepared a map of thoughts in international groups. We learnt from this what stress is for everyone of us, how can we fight with this for example by going for a walk count to 10, breath, relax, listen the music, imagine positive ending. For the Turkish workshop we had to prepare a talk show where there is a presenter who meet famous actors and they were talking about their career and how they deal with the stress. We had a lot of fun…We love being actors and communicate with each other, and we really can say that everything taught us a lot.

To show you guys that we had a lot of funny moments during the exchange, we prepared some memes.

Projekt 2018-3-PL01-KA105-061108 „Act for inclusion” został sfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Programu „Erasmus+”

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