On the ship to leadership – report from the Hungarian team

The programe named On the ship to the leadership supported by the Europian Union. The delegation of 5 countries were welcomed in Poland, Czersk from 26 July till 3 of August. The 6 person of Hungarian group got really close to each other during the 18 hour long car trip . On our way to Czersk was a bit tiring but we had a great time together. After the long journey we arrived in the evening on Wednesday. The evening of the arrival we spent time to have some fun while getting to know each others.

During the project we worked every day in groups. The first day was spent getting to know the participants’ names. We had a delegation from Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Poland, and us from Hungary. Everybody talked about their expectations and fears, and at night we had a game called guess my passion. It was really entertaining. During the project we went to the nearby park and we discussed the different types of leaderships. We could see the advantages and disadvantages of the different leaders. We met with the vice mayor of Czersk and we asked him about leadership and what makes someone a good leader.  After the meeting we came back and we played a card game called Russian roulette. But nobody died during the game. We started national evenings with Turkey and Latvia, they showed us a presentations about their country and brought us some traditional foods and drinks. We had a chance to try the traditional dance of these countries. During one of the exchange days we had to roleplay a possible real life situation. The game’s name was Who’s coming for dinner? The little girl wanted to bring home her boyfriend who is coming from a different culture. Each participant had a different personality so we could see how they reacted to the same situations. In one of the afternoons we had a city game which was very useful because we got to know Czersk better. We also had a workshop, where we had to choose 3 out of 20 people we wanted to travel with and 3 we wanted to avoid. We had to choose it by ourselves and after that,  we had to make a common decision in pairs and in groups. Before dinner there was a short presentation about the Erasmus + program. One night we had national evening from Hungary and Lithuania. We saw presentations and we ate traditional snacks. We made a little quiz about Hungary also. On one of the next days everybody was so energized from the Hungarian team, and later we made a short presentation and game about communication skills. They got some informations about public speech and they get an oppurtunity to try themselves as a public speaker. In the afternoon one of the national teams made a task about big leaders in the history where we examined the features and attitudes of them. They gave us a short TEDx video about how to become a great leader. On the evening we had a team building exercise. We went to play football and basketball together. On the 7th day we had an energizer in front of our hostel in the center of Czersk. One  delegation made a presentation about social enterpreneurs. In the afternoon we went to the lake nearby where we were planning future projects together. We could also swim, play football, sunbath and chill out a bit after long week. In the evening we had the Polish night. Before the last day on Wednesday we started a day with a funny game named Sheet’y game. And we started to plan our way to go home to Hungary.

As a conclusion we all can say that the program helped us to become a leader in the future through presentations, games, and mainly from other people’s experiences. During the ’ship to the leadership’ we always had fun together, we made unforgettable memories and new friends. Everyone became richer, thanks to the project in regard of experiences as of knowledge and information. We hope we can keep in our mind what we learned here so we can pass the leaderhsip’s skills to the others .

Projekt 2017-1-PL01-KA105-037210 „On the ship to the leadership” został sfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Programu „Erasmus+”

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