Kinball In, Obesity Out – Report: Turkish Team

The project named as “Kinball in, Obesity Out” was held in Czersk, Poland between 3rd and 10th of August by partners and participants from Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Turkey and Latvia. The main goal of the project was to introduce the team game Kinball and to inform international people know about healthy living.

From the first day of the project, the participants shared their experiences on their lifestyles, preferences in terms of food and sports, visions and desires. By the help of workshops, the participants came into the realization that there are many kinds of sports that every individual could enjoy. The differences between people’s immune systems, how to benefit our bodies, the correct ways of eating, doing sports, calculating calories and balancing our diets, getting to know about the actions taken by European Union and by the whole world. By doing researches together, the participants used their skills and backgrounds to influence each other in facilitating ways.

The workshops held in the project also included the presentations of the participating NGOs so that the future possible partnerships would be encouraged. Along with this, the leaders of the groups activated the groups with many energizers and ice breakers. These activities helped the participants to get to know each other in a better way, communicate, exchange information and experiences.

The outdoor activities of the project were held in both open-air gyms and an indoor gym. The participants were given information about Kinball, how to play the game and were supported in terms of clarifying the rules. There were two Kinball matches everyday for everybody to take part in. To play Kinball gave the groups a sense of union, energy and joy.

The participating groups organized their cultural evenings for each night. By their presentations, movies, songs and traditional food they brought from homelands, they reflected their own values and cultures. In these nights, the participants learned a lot about differences and similarities between their groups and improved their friendships.

Along with all these, the participants and leaders had the chance to discover the city Czersk by the help of the city game, met the mayor of the city and directed their questions, learned about Polish culture and practiced several languages, activated their minds and bodies, worked in teams, built long-lasting friendships and boundaries.

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