Lithuanian Team’s experiences

Sport is live – the phrase known by everybody. Sport inspires people to set and achieve personal goals, helps to find new friends and spend the free time, have fun and maintain good body shape. That was our common motivation, why we came to participate in the project.

Kinball is a sport unknown in Lithuania. We were all really curious about the game. Everyone knows how to play basketball (especially in our country – because it’s the second religion), volleyball or football. Kinball is something new for all of us and we considered it as the possibility to spend the time with the friends differently.

For most of the Lithuanian team it was the first project. We were afraid of unknown environment; how to build the contact with foreign participants, how to behave and avoid misunderstanding. Trip from Gdansk to Czersk was a kind of challenge for some of us, too.

Reality appears to be noticeably better than expectations. People we met were super-friendly, different origin didn’t interfere, but only made us closer to each other. International company helped to know about cultures and traditions of other nations.

Sport activities together joined us even more and in the end of the week, after preparing for workshops and participation in seminars together, playing kinball during the day and parting in the evenings, we became real friends.

Feelings we have at the same time in the end – sadness and happiness. Because we have to leave and get back to everyday life, however we made so many new friends and learned a lot. We promised each other to stay in touch, not only with participants from other countries, but within our national team as well. Maybe when we are going to play kinball in Lithuania other people take example from us, too!

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