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SMART Society: projekt „All for love and love for all”

W trakcie wymiany młodzieży, która odbyła się w Grudziądzu uczestnicy w wieku 13-17 lat z Polski, Litwy, Łotwy, Hiszpanii oraz Węgier zdobywali umiejętności związane z realizacją mini projektów mających na celu rozwiązywanie problemów społecznych.

Poniżej streszczenie przygotowanego projektu/warsztatu:

LGBTQ+ awareness 🏳️‍🌈

In this wokrshop we will present to you A to Z about LGBTQ, starting with first impressions with LGBTQ+ people to open a discussion afterwards.

Provide directions for the activity and assure participants that this activity primarily reflective and they won’t be asked to share anything they don’t want to. For example, “We are going to start with a reflective activity called First Impressions. We’re going to give you a few minutes to think on and write some answers to the list of questions on this sheet. These questions are for your reflection, we aren’t going to collect your sheets or require you to share anything with the group that you don’t want to. If there is any question you’re struggling with skip it and come back at the end of the activity. We’ll give you a few minutes here to answer the questions and then bring it back to the big group.

Frame the activity. For example, “We are going to be diving into vocabulary. Having a common understanding of these terms is important as many of them are going to be used throughout the workshop. Also vocabulary is often the subject where folks have the most questions or misconceptions and we want to make sure to let y’all ask any questions you may have regarding language.

– Giving directions for this activity in steps will help ensure that participants don’t miss any part of the instructions.- Privilege for sale is an activity that can have a lot of different outcomes and goals, many of which can be focused on in the debrief. If you want to use the activity to achieve certain goals/learning outcomes be sure to steer the debrief towards that end.

In this we will talk about any recent activities, associated to LGBTQ community in our country and more about homophobia and discrimination.

Q&A 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
The workshop will end with an open discussion as well, raising everyone to think about the community and their own feeling towards it.

Współfinansowano ze środków programu Unii Europejskiej Erasmus+

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