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SMART Society: projekt „Animals vs Traditions”

W trakcie wymiany młodzieży, która odbyła się w Grudziądzu uczestnicy w wieku 13-17 lat z Polski, Litwy, Łotwy, Hiszpanii oraz Węgier zdobywali umiejętności związane z realizacją mini projektów mających na celu rozwiązywanie problemów społecznych.

Poniżej streszczenie przygotowanego projektu/warsztatu:

Detailed description „Animals VS Traditions”

1. An energizer(Animal round up) – 10 min
2. Show the poster and present the idea – 2 min
3. Show the presentation and problems, talk about them – 8 min
4. Work in groups, 5 people: Each group gets a problem – cultural traditions (bull fighting, horse wrestling, grindadrap), entertainment (circus, zoos and aquariums), poaching (ivory (elephants bones, fur, overfishing), chemicals in farming, illegal breeding. Discuss it in group – the problem and how solve it. 15 min
5. Discuss and present the problem and solution with everyone – 20 min
6. Kahoot – 10 min

Not many people covered animal abuse problem. But we think it is extremely important. The idea started with bull fighting, only one of the Spain’s cruel traditions. But it led to poaching, circus, illegal breeding, zoos, horse wrestling, other cruel traditions and more. And why traditions, entertainment are the excuses for people to use abuse? We need to take initiative and bring this problem to the spotlight. We chose people around 14-28 to be our target group, personas who want to take action and make a difference. In the autumn period, we would spread awareness in schools, youth centers, universities. We would need materials like laptop, paper, pens, projector. But we would always be active on social media, events and other platforms. For that we would need a lot of preparing, knowledge, discussions and recognize the false information. Only then, we could teach others, help people to take action, create petitions, control social media and learn how to use our voice correctly.

Evaluation – be aware of the problems in your environment and contribute to their solving.

Here is information to learn more about animal cruelty/animal abuse:

– Learn about animal testing:



– You can sign the petitions:

– You can follow these non-profit organizations on instagram:

Współfinansowano ze środków programu Unii Europejskiej Erasmus+

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