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SMART Society: projekt „Let’s treat everyone equally”

W trakcie wymiany młodzieży, która odbyła się w Grudziądzu uczestnicy w wieku 13-17 lat z Polski, Litwy, Łotwy, Hiszpanii oraz Węgier zdobywali umiejętności związane z realizacją mini projektów mających na celu rozwiązywanie problemów społecznych.

Poniżej streszczenie przygotowanego przez młodzież projektu/warsztatu:

“Let’s treat everyone equally”

Topic: LGBTQ+, racism and gender discrimination

Duration: 1h + energizers

Place: A room inside

Materials: whiteboard, computer, projector, paper tape, pen

Idea for energizer: „Be unique” Everyone stands in a circle. Every person has to say something unique about themselves. For example: “I have four brothers.” If another person also has four brothers, the person who shared the unique aspect has to sit down. The goal is to stand as long as possible and therefore to share very special things about yourself that no one else typifies.

Brainstorming about RACISM and LGBTQ+-


I. Title

II. Plan of the workshop

III. Describe what is inequality

IV. The 3 main types of inequality (LGBTQ+, gender inequality, racism)

V. What do we need to do to avoid inequality?

VI. The goal of our workshop

VII. Quote-

The activity: There are 2 parts of the room. We give out different situations and 2 options how to precced discrimination. All the people have to choose 1 option and explain why they chose it.

10 situations:

You find out that your sister is dating a black boy.
– You tell your parents because you believe it is dangerous
– You support her

You find out that your girlfriend is bisexual.
– You don’t care and continue the relationship
– You break up immediately because it is not acceptable to you

Your husband makes you a house-wife after the marriage.
– You do what your husband says and continue the relationship
– You get divorced

A black man sits next to you on the bus.
– You leave it and change your seat
– You ignore it and stay in your seat

You find out that your friend is transexual.
– You get angry and end your friendship
– It doesn’t matter to you so you stay friends

You see that in your workplace a woman gets a smaller salary than a man doing the same job.
– You talk to your CEO about this.
– You ignore it and stay silent

In your class there’s a russian boy that is being bullied.
– You talk with a teacher to change the situation
– You do nothing and act as it was normal

You are in a concert of chinese singer in Europe and you see someone shouting and criticizing him.
– You tell them to stop doing this
– You ignore it and enjoy the concert

Your friend posted a photo on Instagram and some people started cyberbullying and putting bad comments below.
– You text these people to stop doing that
– You tell your friend to delete these comments and don’t pay attention to them

There is a new student in your school and he doesn’t dominate the language.
– You help him and try to teach him some new words
– You don’t pay attention to him- Energizer

Menti.com Rate our workshop 1-10 What did you like the most? What could we improve in this workshop? Has your thoughts about dicriination changed after this workshop?

Promotion: virtual posters (on social media, ads) paper posters (on the streets, newspapers)

Współfinansowano ze środków programu Unii Europejskiej Erasmus+

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