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Journalism for Everyone – newspaper!

This project helped us to make the first step towards our self-development in a field devoted to journalism/ media. Another aim of this project was the cultural exchange and promotion of the diversity that characterizes us – youth from Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain. We learnt about other cultures and promoted our cultures as well as social inclusion of people with disabilities among locals in Poland, where the main activities of this project took place. Last but not least, all organizations involved in this project aimed to improve the networking, the communication and to find new forms and ideas for future cooperation. Objectives :

1- To encourage creative thinking of the youth by giving them active roles.

2- To develop the research and questioning skills as well as critical thinking of the youngsters.

3- To let the youngsters have experience in how a newspaper is planned and presented.

4- To let the youth participate in the working groups with youth with disabilities, be able to organize and increase self-confidence.

5- To increase the cooperation and communication among the organizations working in the field of youth with disabilities and youth workers

Objectives of the projects were compliant with priorities and objectives of Erasmus plus such as: – overcoming prejudices about disabled people, – mobility and accessibility of people with fewer opportunities and youth with disabilities.

The project included two main project activities: the advanced planning visit and the youth exchange. Main activities took place in Grudziądz, Poland. Project partners were from : Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain.

There were 40 youngsters taking part in the youth exchange (9 youngsters with light mental and physical disabilities and 17 participants with fewer opportunities). Each national group was composed of 1 team leader and participants.  Accompanying person was a part of Bulgarian, Spanish and Polish teams.

The activities we organized to achieve the aim of the project were based on non-formal education, the interaction of the participants, understanding for cultural diversity. We took the best out of sharing of tasks, responsibilities and making common choices, socialization games, intercultural evening. We were also focused on field visits, group work and plenary activities. On our way to a successful project we supported our actions by interactive workshops, role play, simulation exercises, case studies, brainstorming and information sessions. Intercultural dialogue was achieved with a direct contact with stakeholders and interaction with local communities. Also, adequate time and space for reflection and personal evaluation and group feed-back activities and planning for the future are in our programme helped to reach the goal.

The participants became motivated to be leaders in the group, they started taking active roles in the presentations and by this their confidence increased. While preparing newspaper and news their research and questioning competences improved in the activities, they learnt how the newspaper is written. The participants whose active citizenships was encouraged and developed became more aware about following the agenda with the news activities. Due to that, they started commenting news and their critical thinking skills improved. Throughout the project, good practices were shared among the organizations, thanks to the brainstorm activities, the NGO fair in which the organizations introduced their local cultures, organization activities and discovered common working fields. Cooperation among the organization representatives improved.

One of the project results was to create a project newspaper – participants put a lot of efforts to make it real!

And here are the results:

Youthpass certificate helped the participants to finalize their journey!

Współfinansowano ze środków programu Unii Europejskiej Erasmus+

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