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Szkolenie w Hiszpanii


24 lutego – 1 marca 2022 w LAS ROZAS DE MADRID

Dwóch pracowników młodzieżowych z Czerska będzie mogło wziąć udział w projekcie.

Poniżej opis projektu:

Raise awareness among young people and leadersin all countries of the world that there is only one absolutely irreplaceable planet and that we should all take urgent measures and possible solutions that help prevent a global environmental catastrophe.

The Training Course activity will take place in Las Rozasfrom February 24 – March 1, 2022 at the “Tartesos Las Rozas” hotel.

It will have the participation of different organizations from Turkey, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Germany, Cyprus and Spain, in total 22 workers and responsible participantsin the field of youth, environmental training experts, facilitators, professionals who work directly with youth, leaders, youth organizations, etc.

It will have a didactic methodology based on experimental learning, with a mixture of theoretical contents, practical exercises, evaluations, group dynamics and program
design. It will be based on the experience itself, the reflection and the work in groups, structured with theoretical contributions during the different sessions. Participants willshare theirtools, give and receive information, laying the foundations for their
transferability and development.

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