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Training Course „Youth stand up to Violent Extremism” in Jordan

First day of the training course “Youth stand up to Violent Extremism” in Amman has just finished…

It was a very intense day! Participants from Poland, Jordan, Morocco, Portugal, Egypt, Bulgaria, Palestine, Hungary and Tunisia gathered in Jordan to tackle the problem related to raise of violent extremism among youth.

What happened during the first day of the training course?

Participants took part in getting to know each other and team building activities to create a friendly learning environment for the rest of the days.

After establishing new friendships the participants were ready to focus on the project topic.

Topics covered during the workshops:

  • Understanding Violent Extremism – Creating a Common Ground – the participants exchanged their opinions and understanding of terms such as extremism, violent extremism, terrorism,  radicalization, deradicalization, jihad, jihadism, discrimination, supremacy etc. using World Café method.
  • The Root Causes of Radicalization that lead to Violent Extremism – the participants developed a problem tree where:
    • Trunk represented our problem: Youth Violent Radicalization,
    • Roots represented direct and indirect causes,
    • Leaves and branched represented direct effects,
    • Fruits represented indirect effects.
  • Radicalization process and Trajectories – the participants got familiar with Moghaddam’s Staircase Model to Terrorism
  • Young people as positive agents of change – the participants worked in international teams on projects that could solve the root causes of radicalization – the project topics focused around education, mental health, video games and family care.

It was a good learning day! The participants deepened their knowledge and shared their experiences and information about situation in their countries.

The day finished with an evaluation and positive feedback provided by the participants of the training course. So far, so good… looking forward to next activities!

Co-financed from European Union funds unders Erasmus+ programme

Training course organized by EUROMED EVE Polska association together with Desert Bloom for Training and Sustainable Development from Jordan

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