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Training course in Amman – Day 2

What have the participants of the project “Youth stand up to Violent Extremism” done on the second day of the training course?

The participants focused on causes of Youth Radicalization in their local countries by using a non-formal method of learning called “The Theater of the Oppressed”. Working in national teams, they prepared scenes with most common situations of violent extremism happening in their countries. Once presented, they performed the scene one more time during which the rest of the participants tried to solve the problem by replacing the actors and checking how they were able to influence the problematic situation. It was definitely an interesting way of finding out the reasons of Youth Radicalization and at the same time understating that by changing a “small detail” we are able to make a big change in our local communities.

Next session was devoted to Individual identity and multicultural collective identities. The participants used their artistic skills and drew symbols that resemble their identity. At a later stage they were asked to “delete” some of the symbols that were drawn by the others. This exercise was followed by a lively discussion on how the participants felt where part of their identity was cancelled. It definitely made us think on how our actions might affect the others and how important it is to let the others express themselves without being judged.

During the afternoon the participants took part in a session on Digital and Media literacy. They joined an interactive workshop on storytelling and worked on some case studies where they had to investigate, if the articles they were given were reliable.

Last session of the day was about Critical Thinking during which the participants had to take a stand on controversial issues. A group discussion followed this activity.

The day finished with the most spectacular activity – Intercultural Evening. Participants from all project countries presented their culture, national dresses, dances, music and shared food brought to Amman from their home. Given this opportunity we were able not only to find out more about Jordan but also get a grasp of other cultures. It was definitely an extraordinary event!

Co-financed from European Union funds unders Erasmus+ programme

Training course organized by EUROMED EVE Polska association together with Desert Bloom for Training and Sustainable Development from Jordan

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