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„Dig’IT On” – report from the youth exchange

On February 3-11, 2022, five representatives of our Association took part in a youth exchange in Luxembourg.

Here is their story:

The project was an opportunity for me to expand my interpersonal skills. Group activities allowed me to better understand the complex topics of digitization and youth participation.

Our exchange in Weicherdange, Luxembourg made me more open-minded and aware of new topics. I really enjoyed the time with my new friends and I was really happy to obtain new knowledge from our facilitator. I will make impact on my local community by spreading the ideas and facts.

This exchange provided me with valuable knowledge about digital participation and experiences shared with the international community.

This exchange showed me that there are a lot of different points of view on political topics, I could improve my communication skills and learn a lot of knowledge from my facilitators about European Union, Europe, youth organisations, digital participation, everyone was very kind and open, I met very clever people and we shared our view of the world.

The most important experience for me was the opportunity I had to explore different cultures. Everyone should have an experience like this because we all have a lot to learn from other people. Dig’IT on changed my life for the better.

Co-financed from European Union funds under Erasmus+ programme

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