EUROMED EVE POLSKA YE "All About Leadership" Zrealizowane projekty

The visit of the Youth Exchange „All About Leadership” to the local school

On March 25, 2024, participants of the Youth Exchange „All About Leadership” from Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, and Ireland visited Szkoła Podstawowa W Murzasichlu. During this visit, youngsters led two lessons for the local students, focusing on sharing aspects of their respective cultures such as history, customs, symbols, and language.

In the first lesson, the participants worked closely with the local students, teaching them common phrases in their languages and addressing questions about alphabets and frequently used expressions. This session provided an opportunity for everyone to exchange their knowledge about various cultural facts, famous leaders of each country, share interesting stories, and compare different countries. It was surprising to note that many Polish students already had prior knowledge about most of the countries, some of which they had visited in the past together with their families.

Both workshops proved to be valuable and highly positive experiences for all involved. We are grateful to the students of Szkoła Podstawowa w Murzasichlu for their active participation and sharing knowledge, as well as to the school board for facilitating their students’ exposure to non-formal educational methods through the visit of the project’s participants.

The Youth Exchange „All About Leadership” was organized by EUROMED EVE POLSKA together with partnerorganizations Latvian Association for Youth Activists (Latvia), Asociatia Beyond (Romania), Healthy Generations Youth Group (Ireland), Vilniaus Užupio gimnazija (Lithuania) and Biatorbágyi Innovatív Technikum és Gimnázium (Hungary).

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